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3G/4G NetCaster +


This ruggedized mobile broadband to WiFi solution will even power any long range point to point radio (built in POE - WAN1) to grab an internet source up to 5 miles away. It is configured to use most all 3G & 4G carriers (multiple at the same time) and accepts any land or satellite based broadband source (WAN2).





Professional Services and Complete Documentation with Each Solution.


CloudCasters (CC) has a “standardized” approach toward installation and deployment of a controlled mobile high-speed internet solution. This allows easy integration into specialized vehicles or remote locations requiring satellite based voice and broadband services.


Many of our described solutions will be “semi-secure” internet systems for instant access during an event or incident of any kind. Designed typically around an auto searching satellite tracking system incorporating scalability to support; rapid-deployment of “Remote-Hot-Spots”, FAX capabilities, DirecTV or Dish Network for NEWS, VOIP(Voice over IP) phones and switches. Our designs will utilize the following technologies; TCP/IP, VSAT (KA, KU Bands), Encrypted Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) signals, WiMAX, Cisco firewall routers, and Tranzeo APs (access points) to support listed communications.


CloudCasters Services are customized for your project. We are authorized dealers for, or a provider of, many mobile and fixed satellite technology platforms. This gives CloudCasters a "best of breed" flexibility required for customization and integration into your project or remote location requirements.












CloudCasters Extended Warranty Service Agreements (Hardware and Labor)


Disaster Services and first responders rely heavily on mobile Satellite, VOIP and supporting video technologies for communications. These systems are extremely complicated and a significant investment. These components are the backbone of the incidents communications response plans. Most manufactures only carry a 1 year "parts only" warranty from date of purchase. Some carry slightly extended but extremely limited covering only specific parts. Once these systems develop events for service, a single service call will cost thousands in repairs and in labor. Several service disruptions in a single year could devastate an annual budget.


CloudCasters has a nationwide Affiliate network that will guarantee on site repair and replacement beyond your manufacture warranty.  All done by qualified and professional service teams. We will customize an all inclusive service agreement for your budget and needs. Contact CloudCasters for more information. To Request information click here


CloudCasters Internet On Demand: Satellite Based Broadband Solutions


Facility based disaster backup broadband services, mobile first responders and specialty vehicles rely heavily on satellite communications for their Internet, VOIP and supporting video communications during its usage. These systems have monthly service fees that are extremely expensive. Typically these fees are consistent when systems is in use or when systems must lay at the ready.


CloudCasters On-Demand monthly service fees are designed to offer a small monthly fees at a minimum speed, to keep system always ready, and include a 1 hour service level agreement for activation to full speed. Saving customers thousands. Below is a chart of our monthly fees and some of the service level commitments. To Request information click here



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