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 Remote Fire Camp Communications

   (Spike Camp)

 Incident Command Post

   Communications (ICP)

 VPN, VoIP, Video Streaming

 I-Suite 2014 Database Remote Access


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Brian Diemer from the California Interagency Incident Management, Team #4 explains how CloudCasters has provided a solution by placing satellite internet, cell phone connectivity, video streaming, and VOIP phone lines to their forest wildfire firefighters located at remote spike camps in the mountain ranges of Northern California. He explains how it improved the communication process to the camp and the safety and moral of the firefighters overall.

About US

CloudCasters has over 23 years experience with technology development, systems engineering and solution providing.  If your installation is requiring WiFi Broadband for a single location or a multi-square mile wide area with multiple "extremely large" buildings, CloudCasters has the experience to do it.  We hold certifications and or are a certified dealer in multiple satellite platforms and commercial grade wireless gear. This gives CloudCasters the flexibility to utilize KA or KU bands, mobile/fixed or wireless technologies for your solutions. Cisco, Exede, ViaSat, GroundControl, HughesNet, MotoSAT, SpaceNet, Tranzeo and Wi-Max equipment are just a few of our favorites.  CloudCasters has retrofitted customers existing vehicles to support mobile satellite solutions.  CloudCasters is also proud to announce the patent pending First Responder Remotes that will expand a disaster deployed Satellite broadband solution mobile or land based in minutes. Recreating incident responders secure emergency communication deployments of VOIP/WiFi HotZones up to 5 miles. Emergency Responders in the field have been testing this solution @ some of the largest fire deployments. © 2014  |  1.866.978.7555