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Brian Diemer from the California Interagency Incident Management, Team #4 explains how CloudCasters has provided a solution by placing satellite internet, cell phone connectivity, video streaming, and VOIP phone lines to their forest wildfire firefighters located at remote spike camps in the mountain ranges of Northern California. He explains how it improved the communication process to the camp and the safety and moral of the firefighters overall.


This ruggedized mobile broadband to WiFi solution will even power any long range point to point radio (built in POE - WAN1) to grab an internet source up to 5 miles away. It is configured to use most all 3G & 4G carriers (multiple at the same time) and accepts any land or satellite based broadband source (WAN2).



Recent photos from our work in Northern California at the July Complex - Man Fire

CloudCasters LLC has a package that we will deliver and set up that will provide high speed satellite internet services to remote fire camps. The package includes; a high speed satellite that CloudCasters will set up and connect with your camp network, with options of adding a cell phone 'Hot Spot' bubble and unlimited use VOIP lines. The package includes a rapid deployment "locked down" Wi-Fi system that can broadcast the satellite internet to additional service required spots in a 5 mile area (depending on terrain).


Our satellite systems are not typical satellite systems, which deliver 1.5mps, but rather use a beamed approach to a deliver a broadcast to a specific area. While slightly more difficult to set up, each will consistently deliver 15 – 20 mps download and 5 – 10mps upload speeds. Delivery of systems is guaranteed for 24 hours in Region 6, and 48 hours in other GACCs. The scope of this agreement is national. Data plans must also be purchased, which are included in the attached agreement.


Here's a summary of the communications package that is deployed for the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service Region 5 during fire season.






CloudCasters offers internet service through satellite dish with WiFi long range distribution. We offer satellite service that will be operable within 24 hours for incidents within Region 6 (Oregon and Washington) or 48 hours ouside of Region 6, with our Firefighter package we will deploy a certified technician with the following equipment:


 1 CLOUDCASTERS Satellite system.

 1 WiFi Outdoor PtP Distribution Antenna with 5 mile range (300MB Backhaul/

   Connect using mini-subscribers).

 1 Ethernet Reel (75 feet of coax/ground and POE cable).

 3 PtP Mini-Subscriber units (Long Range Radios to create additional Hot Spots or

  deploy in each trailer for additional services)


Optional Services include:


 VOIP lines (unlimited calling in U.S. and Canada)

CLOUDCASTERS Micro Cell (providing cell phone coverage) Unlimited use for up to

   10 cell phones.



Typically we will have satellite service operable within 3 hours of arrival at the incident. Our technicians will remain at the incident for a minimum of one shift after the satellite is set up to ensure proper functionality. The technician is also responsible for returning at the end of the incident within 24 hours for incidents in Region 6 or 48 hours outside of Region 6 to breakdown the satellite system and return it back to CloudCasters.






1.) Firefighter Package -- charged weekly (5 days)


2.) Cell Phone Services Package -- charged daily (optional)


3.) 2-VOIP Line Package -- charged daily (optional)


4.) Technician, setup/teardown -- Day rate applies


5.) Unlimited Data Usage (Up or down) -- charged per GB of bandwidth usage on



6.) Travel will be reimbursed in accordance with Federal Travel Regulations.

     Mileage will be reimbursed in accordance with current GSA rates.


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