Remote Satellite Solutions



CloudCasters has over 23 years experience with technology development, systems engineering and solution providing. CloudCasters has real world experience deploying enterprise-wide Disaster Recovery Satellite Broadband Solutions for private industry or city/state locations. Whether or not you have 1 location or multiple facilities spanning several states, CloudCasters will build a Satellite Broadband Solution to your requirements.


CloudCasters has also provided Broadband to WiFi proof of concept installations @ 2 of the largest fair grounds in the US. This gives CloudCasters the experience needed when designing and installing a Public or Private WiFi HotZone to your installation. If your installation is requiring WiFi Broadband for a single location or a multi-square mile wide area with multiple "extremely large" buildings, CloudCasters has the experience to do it.


Some of the solutions have required both a “Pay As You Go” Access Controlled WiFi Public Internet Service with a highly encrypted Host to AP configuration for internal staff usage. These solutions are suggested when a need for securing all data transmitted back and forth from county/city/corporate infrastructures to users is a must. CloudCasters prides itself on using commercial grade outdoor rated equipment and includes full documentation with every solution. It makes the DR paperwork and process additions you require in a Disaster Recovery Plan simple.


CloudCasters holds certifications and or is a certified dealer in multiple satellite platforms and commercial grade wireless gear. This gives CloudCasters the flexibility to utilize KA or KU bands, mobile/fixed or wireless technologies for your solutions. Cisco, GroundControl, HughesNet, MotoSAT, SpaceNet, Tranzeo and Wi-Max equipment are just a few of our favorites.


CloudCasters is currently partnering with others to amass the largest certified satellite installer network in the country enabling them to offer professional installations and service in a timely manner to its customers. CloudCasters also provides fulfillment work repairing or replacing previous installed equipment from MotoSAT, GroundControl and USSI contracts. Typically these contracts are to fulfill a replacement or repair of satellite modems, antennas and routers @ facilities like the US Lotto, US Post Offices, and 100s of re-points for StarBand residential customers.


CloudCasters has retrofitted customers existing vehicles to support mobile satellite solutions. These vehicles have ranged from 500,000.00 privately owned diesel pushers or state-of-the-art Emergency Management Command Units to the tow behind 5th wheel / utility trailer. If you have a broadband satellite solution requirement (mobile or fixed) we will meet it.


CloudCasters is registered with all government agencies (as possible) as a reseller and carries a million dollar bond for its customer’s protection. CloudCasters in addition is registered with D&B (Dunn and Bradstreet), CCR registered, FEMA, GSA.


CloudCasters is also proud to announce the patent pending First Responder Remotes that will expand a disaster deployed Satellite broadband solution mobile or land based in minutes. Recreating incident responders secure emergency communication deployments of VOIP/WiFi HotZones up to 5 miles. Emergency Responders in the field have been testing this solution @ some of the largest fire deployments in WA 2006. The results have been astounding.


"It is our passion to aid and work side by side with the incredibly selfless Emergency Response individuals who dedicate their lives to our communities. It is clearly the greatest work we could have ever imagined. CloudCasters sends a great big thank you to our customers both present, past and in our future. We are here to serve, please give us a call." © 2014  |  1.866.978.7555